HSG-SIM students embark on social projects around the globe.

Each project aims at leaving a positive and sustainable social impact in our society.

The SIMagination Challenge aims at creating enriching and meaningful learning experiences for our students.

"It is rewarding to apply study knowledge to address social issues in a developing country"

Gustav Forssell

“Every change starts from an idea in action. By showing an example, we can motivate others to come along.” 

Rise Haiti

“My time in Lima has been the most rewarding experience of my life.” 

Amparo García Fernández

“The SIMagination Challenge is a course with a whole lot of learning takeaways that are worth more than its credits.”

Henrik Wesemann

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Omid Aschari Small.jpg“Tomorrow’s Leaders need a wide spectrum of opportunities – global learning spaces – to probe a totally new understanding about what markets and societies need to prosper in the 21st century. The new insights and fresh perspectives enable them to better contribute to creative solutions for managerial challenges, that are increasingly complex. They require a global mind-set, a collaborative approach across various dimensions of diversity and, far beyond the pure business rationale, a genuine interest in generating social value, in serving society. The SIMagination Challenge effectively addresses today’s learning needs of tomorrow’s global leaders.”


Prof. Dr. Omid Aschari 
Originator and responsible Faculty Member of the SIMagination Challenge,
Managing Director SIM-HSG