First Bake Sale (Fall 2015)

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On 4th November we had our first bake sale for this semester. The team spent hours the night before to bake deliicous cake, brownie and muffins, and our efforts prove to be worth it - the goodies were sold out before the end of our sale! Huge thanks to the people of St. Gallen, who showed great support for our project. We are having our next bake sale on the 27th of November, and this time, we will surely have enough baked goods for eveyone! 

Introducing the new Planting the Future Team

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Hello all, we are the new Planting the Future team from SIM12! Our team consist of a very diverse group of talents in terms of background, nationalities and gender. The new members are: 

Cosima Lill (Germany)
Desiree Frantzen (Germany)
Fabrizio Vitrone (Italy)
Julia Rasch (Germany)
Mitch Kabel (Netherlands)
Moritz Sollberger (Switzerland)
Nicolai Kirstätter (Germany)
Olya Solodskaya (Russia)
Ying Ying Su (Taiwan)

First days at the Belén Agricultural School

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Planting the Future has finally arrived at the Belén Agricultural School, in the Paraguayan district of Concepción. As soon as we set foot on the farm, Señor Benitez, the project director for the Fundacion Paraguaya, introduced us to the school's staff and showed us the farming facilities. Sixty students, mainly boys, receive a two-year long agricultural education almost entirely funded by the Fundacion Paraguaya.

First bake sale!

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The first bake sale of the new Planting The Future team took place on Saturday 16th November, 2013, in front of the Brühltor post office. People in St. Gallen showed great interest for our project and transformed this first fundraising event into a success!

We would like to warmly thank you for your support and take this opportunity to already announce our next fundraising event which will take place next Saturday, 23th November, in front of the Optiker Ryser, on Marktplatz. 

Let's Plant the Future together!

Only five weeks to go and still a few tasks to tackle

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In five weeks most of our team will leave St. Gallen for the summer break.
Until then there are still a few task to do:


  • Fundraise 2800 Chf to cover ALL our costs
  • Get the exchange between German and Paraguayan school running
  • Evaluate our total impact
  • Exchange with the cooperative 
  • Administrative tasks such as interim report, final report, annual report of our association, expense claim

I hope we will be able to complete all tasks successfully!

Easter Bake Sale!

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After the first successful fundraising before Christmas when people in St. Gallen showed a great support of the project the group decided to make another fundraising today! The team was placed on Neugasse the entire day and sold homemade cookies and muffins.

Also this fundraising event was a success for the project and we would like to thank everyone who has contributed. Together we will Plant the Future!