Personal insights - Guillaume

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I remember the moment when we were invited by Feeding Dreams to visit families with them in the neighbouring slum. The NGO had planned to bring some cooking tools to support the family of a grand-mother they know personally.

After a few minutes of speech between Kerry, the director of Feeding Dreams, and family members living in the slum, we had a moment of games with the children playing around. I felt this moment was very authentic since playing with the children was the most natural and amazing way to communicate with them. The atmosphere changed suddenly. A dozen of children started to play a very simple game which consists in catching a piece of material in the middle of the field and to bring it back to your team side. They were having a lot of fun with basically nothing. The parents were looking at the amazement of the children and were laughing too.

At the end, they did not need explanations to play any longer and I could imagine them playing this new game alone after our departure. Such little details contributed to changing myself and my conception of the SIMagination challenge.

- Guillaume