Personal insights - Paul

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"Of course, there were many, many, wonderful moments during our time in Siem Reap. It already started on Monday morning 8:00 a.m. where we joined the daily “Assembly” of the students. At the end of the “Assembly”, all the kids from Feeding Dreams would run to the teachers and to the volunteers to give them a high-five. It was truly overwhelming to see so many kids run into us, being so happy to give high-fives – A very warm welcome!

Personal insights - Valérie

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"Our trip to Siem Reap was full of wonderful and enlightening moments for me, but the picture below still makes me smile whenever I look at it. It was Thursday evening and we only had one more day at our partner Feeding Dreams Cambodia. It has been a long day which we spent working on the business plan and the CSR report in the heat, just as we’ve had the days before. David and Paul did a final rehearsal of the pre-written dialogues with the students before our first “real” try-out with them on Friday with us as guests.

Weekend mood

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Hello friends!

In the morning, we visited a slum whose families are supported by Feeding Dreams. A student that started the program in June, coming from one of these families, explained to us how the training had helped him escape from a difficult condition.

Fridays are just the beginning of the weekend at the Dreams Training Center too, and the Insight Cambodia team accepted the challenge of playing a football match against some students. Despite the score against us and the blisters on our feet, the game gave us the chance to bond with the trainees.

New initiatives for the Dreams Training Center

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Hello again from Siem Reap,

Today we have been working on another new initiative using football to lure visitors to the school and to raise awareness of the situation in Cambodia. Guests will be able to mix in with the locals in a match, then will visit Feeding Dreams and have some drinks prepared by the students at the Dreams Training Center. Everybody in the center, management, staff and students, are excited about this new idea!

Half way there

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Hello friends, day 3 in Siem Reap!

Today we presented a first proposal of the business plan for the restaurant to the management team of the Dreams Training Center. We will spend the next days incorporating their feedback and refining the business model, in order to hand in a complete and actionable plan by the end of the week.

The project gains speed

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Hello friends and supporters!

Today we agreed on the plan for the rest of the week. V, P and N began to prepare the CSR report of the Dreams Training Center, which is needed to pitch the project and to bring in new sponsors and partners for the scholarship of the students.

Arrival and quick update

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Dear friends and supporters,

After a warm welcoming from the children and some insightful discussions with volunteers and staff, we just concluded our first day of work at the Dreams Training Center.

Our days to come will focus on preparing the CSR report for the Center, elaborating the business plan for the restaurant to be opened with the kitchen facilities financed through your donations, and assessing the outcome of the financial literacy course implemented by our colleagues from SIM12.