Niños en Xela

Started: 2015, still ongoing.

Niños en Xela is a Non-Profit Organization helping underprivileged children and women in the region of Quetzaltenango by providing them with a support structure in five areas: education, health, families, literacy training and agriculture. Since 2015 the project team of Niños en Xela has started a collaboration with the SIMagination Challenge, whereby 8 students work alongside the organization to initiate and implement sustainable projects that help the Guatemalan families.

This year, the second generation of Niños en Xela SIM students are on a mission to provide clean air to the project children and families. Right now, the Niño’s en Xela project community is severely impacted by Household Air Pollution – one of the silent consequences of cooking indoors over open flames. These indoor fumes pose significant health threats including asthma, respiratory infections, cardiovascular disease, perinatal mortality, and tuberculosis, among others. Additionally, the need for large quantities of wood is not only a significant financial burden on the families, but also results in safety and ecological risks as families have increasingly resorted to the illegal practice of self-deforestation.

To tackle this detrimental and widespread problem, our approach is to introduce sustainable and culturally compatible ecological stoves into the homes of NeX project families. By completely eliminating indoor fumes and reducing wood consumption by at least 50%, these stoves will significantly enhance the families’ quality of life by reducing health risks and financial strains. To ensure the project’s long-term impact and sustainability, we hope to instill lasting health awareness around the dangers of fume inhalation through education.

We believe everyone on this planet deserves clean air and an equal shot at a prosperous life, regardless of the reality they are born into. Together we can achieve this for the people of Guatemala!

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