Started: 2012, still ongoing.

PureDrops’ mission is to help communities in need by facilitating safe and sustainable water sources. We help building, financing, distributing and installing filtration systems in regions of this world, where access to clean water is very limited. Our objective is not simply to provide safe drinking water, but also to educate people about the importance of clean drinking water. We provide training and equip communities with the knowledge on how to use the filters. PureDrops is working on long-lasting projects that have a sustainable impact and address the basic needs of people on this planet.

In the past, PureDrops has not only installed 100 biosand water purification systems on Madura Island in Indonesia, it has also supported families in Central America by providing clean drinking water in collaboration with local social enterprise Ecofiltro. Based in Guatemala, Ecofiltro produces and distributes simple ceramic filters which transform contaminated water into pure drinking water by filtering out 99% of all dirt, chemicals and bacteria. In a fruitful partnership, more than 1,300 families gained life-time access to clean drinking water in 2014. In the following year, PureDrops successfuly proided 11,000 children with clean drinking water through a donation program which focuses solely on schools located in rural areas.

The current and fourth generation of PureDrops is currently in the field and actively distributing water filters in rural Guatemala, thereby continuing the work of previous generations. In addition to past efforts, the current team is working together closely with Ecofiltro CEO Philip Wilson, his sales team and his extended ambassador system of community entrepreneurs in order to increase the effectiveness of school donations. Through extensive interviews with local households and community heads in charge of the local customer service and filter maintenance, our team will gain an in-depth understanding of the social issues present and is working toward increasing the ratio of new filters purchased versus the number of donated filters. This conversion rate is currently at 1:2 and we aim to increase it to a staggering 1:5. Specifically, this means that for every filter donated to a classroom full of kids, five other filters will be purchased by the parents of the children in that classroom.

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