End and beginning

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Last day on the field for the PureDrops team but also the beginning of the implementation of our ideas! We had a very positive feedback on the last day. Our idea to provide people at the presentation with pen and paper to write down their names and telephone numbers before the sales representative starts presenting Ecofiltro was very successful. In the last school we visited Emanuel (sales representative of Ecofiltro) expected only 25% of the participants to sign up for buying the filters. Instead 50% of the people signed up.

Trying out the new sales pitch on the field

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Dear PureDrops followers,

we have started to implement our ideas on the field. On Wednesday we presented our ideas for the improvement of the sales presentation to Emanuel, the sales representative star of Ecofiltro. After a very productive meeting with him, we decided which ideas to try out during our last two days on the field.

Meeting Philip and the Swiss ambassador

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Another great day for the PureDrops team! We are so proud that our ideas were positively accepted by Philip Wilson, CEO of Ecofiltro. Today we have visited the filter factory in Antigua. The filters are shaped, dried and subsequently cooked with a very innovative and complex technique before being tested. The technology is open to anybody, who wants to learn how to produce the filters and many social entrepreneurs have visited the factory to export this innovative production process to other countries in need of clean drinking water.

In-depth interviews

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Our adventure goes on! Last Monday we visited the school of Santa Catarina, where we have conducted in-depth interviews with teachers, parents and a nurse from the village's healthcare centre. We asked the interviewee questions about water consumption, their awareness about water contamination and the effect and frequency of health diseases connected to water contamination. This has been such an important day for PureDrops to gain an understanding of the mentality and the needs of the local people.

First days in Guate for the new PureDrops team

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The new 2016 PureDrops team has finally landed in beautiful Guatemala and we have already experienced an amazing time on the field! During our first two days of project we have visited the rural communities of Santa Lucia Contzumalguapa and Monterrey, not far from the Pacific coast of Guatemala. We have donated more than twenty-five filters to two different schools with children from the age of 4 to 12. Our two meters tall, blonde-haired Jonas has been a major attraction for the children in the schools that kept on approaching him to see how tall they were compared to him.

Gracias, Vielen Dank & Thank You

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Dear Donors,

we would like to thank you all for donating to PureDrops! Thanks to your generous support, this year’s PureDrops Team was able to deliver 171, and arrange the distribution of another 189 ecofiltro® ceramic water filters to Guatemalan schools - resulting in the provision of potable water to over eleven thousand school children. 

Your donation facilitated a life changing moment for these children.
Furthermore, we know that PureDrops would not have be able to give such hope to these people if it was not for your support.