Living conditions: harsh realities and rays of sunshine from Ouanaminthe

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There’s no denying that Haiti, like many of its immediate neighbors, is a country possessed of astounding natural beauty. As we drove by bus across the Dominican border towards Ouanaminthe beneath the welcome heat of a tropical sun, the lush scenery passing our windows had us grinning from ear to ear.

Setting up a basketball court - a story of negotiations, setbacks, joy and proper work

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We’ve already told you a lot about the current situation in Haiti, the many moments that made us think about our privilege, and the great support we received from our partners in Ouanaminthe. But of course, our project’s success counts in the end: we wanted to build a basketball court and we managed to do so thanks to planning, perseverance, hard work and quite a significant portion of luck.

Introducing our Foi et Joie partners

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Dear Rise Haiti followers,

During our on-site field project, we had the opportunity to meet a lot of incredible people. Just to name a few, we would like to thank Carlos, Curtis, Emmanuel, Fernando, Françoise, Celine, Gérard, Marie Rose, Père Pérard and the lovely Miss Rocio of the NGO “Foi et Joie”. Without their help, we would never have been able to successfully finish the construction of the basketball field. In this post, we would like to highlight the stories of some of them.

The history of Hispaniola

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Dear Rise Haiti supporters,

This blog entry is dedicated to the relation between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the two countries sharing the Island of Hispaniola.

Neglecting the fact that the two countries are sharing an island they seem to be miles apart, especially regarding their level of development and their ways of living. While Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, the Dominican Republic shows many signs of a flourishing country.

Visit to the shelter in Dominican Republic

Dear Rise Haiti supporters,

today’s blog entry focuses on a great opportunity that we were granted during our stay in the Dominican Republic. Within the second week of our field trip, we were able to visit a shelter called ‘Hogar de Christo’ in Dajabon, a city located very close to the Haitian border. This place is a sanctuary for Haitian children who left home and now are forced to live on the streets.

Our time in Haiti

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Dear Rise Haiti supporters,

In the following, I would like to give you a deeper insight into what it was like for us to go to Haiti. Like mentioned in the previous blog entries, we had to shorten the duration of our field trip to Haiti due to the instable political situation in the country and other uncertainties. In spite of these challenges, we were still extremely motivated to go there in order to meet the people from Foi et Joie in person and to get into contact with students and teachers from the school we built the playground for.

Foi et Joie - our local partner in Haiti

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Dear Rise Haiti supporters,

In this blog entry we would like to tell you about our key partner throughout the project – a local NGO called Foi et Joie (which can be translated into Faith and Joy).

Foi et Joie is an education-focused Jesuit association operating in Central and Latin America as well as in Africa. In Haiti, Foi et Joie runs seventeen schools across the country, three of which are located in the Ouanaminthe area, where we have built the playground.

Raising awareness and funds in Switzerland

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Dear Rise Haiti supporters,

In this blog entry we will talk about how we funded the playground we built at a school in Haiti. A small part of the playground can be seen on the picture above. 

While all team members proudly supported our project with all their heart blood, we also covered the occurring travel and accommodations costs, so that every Swiss frank raised in Switzerland could be used to build the playground. We had three major supporting groups: corporate sponsors, the local community, and the students at university.