Started: 2012, still ongoing.

The lack of financial literacy, meant as general spending-, saving-, and budgeting-skills, is one of the major societal problems in South Africa. As a direct consequence, people struggle with education expenses and most often can't afford the pursuit of their dreams, thus allowing for social inequalities. Here is where XHUMA steps in. Our mission is to foster financial literacy of pupils, thus ensuring a lasting behavioral change. We strongly believe that such societal problems need to be addressed at the roots, rather than a later stage: we are determined to help children pursuing their dreams for a better career.

Based on the strong efforts of previous generations, and especially building on the solid foundation laid by XHUMA 12, our main objective in the past academic year was to scale-up the project and find ways to deepen and expand its impact in a sustainable way. To do so, we pursued a two-pronged approach that featured workshops with pupils as well as sessions with local teachers to share our workshop concept and multiply its potential impact.


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