The Final Countdown

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Dear Xhuma's followers, the time has almost come! 

After intense preparation and coordination across borders with the local partners in Johannesburg, XHUMA is ready to take off. Holding personal finance courses, the project addresses key obstacles of social upward mobility in South Africa. XHUMA sheds light on three core dimensions of personal finance, namely goal setting, budgeting and saving. The course content is aligned with the local partners in order to serve the specific needs of pupils.


XHUMA 2015 #meettheteam

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If you are following our page Xhuma on Facebook, then you'll already know 5 out of the 8 Xhumis 2015. But for those who missed our #meettheteam videos, let's get an overview of the new team!


Frederic - VP Marketing

Swiss with Norwegian background, he holds a bachelor in mathematics and economics from Fordham University, NYC. 

Carla - President and Partner Relations

German, she holds a bachelor in business administration from the University of Mannheim. 

Living small, dreaming big

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Spoiled by possibilities and overwhelmed by choice, many people find themselves disillusioned in today’s world. Detached from imagination and vision, they have stopped their questioning, risk-taking and no longer create new paths for themselves or others. Eight days in Johannesburg and seventeen interviews with Little Green Number’s employees further, we were amazed to find an attitude that reminds of that exceptional spark of adventure.

Oratilwe, fashion in the making

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Starting as a seamstress when Little Green Number made its first steps, Oratilwe has been growing alongside the company and now has the tremendously important task of training the newcomers and make them feel part of the LGN family, as well as controlling the quality of each and every product (!) before it is sold by LGN. As our first interviewee, we were excited to get to know this artistic-looking and energized woman better, whilst simultaneously being somewhat anxious on her openness towards discussion to the more intimate topics.

To The Point Foundation

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After meeting all of the brilliant hands at work behind Little Green Number, and getting a better idea of the hardships those people deal with on a day to day basis, XHUMA decided to focus its efforts on fostering the benefits of saving and education for the seamstresses and their children through a stokvel. As partners who contribute an extra 50% of all amount saved, we are hoping to have all the seamstresses on board soon.

Education for Little Green Number

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For most of South Africa's children and adults, education represents the only way out of a life of entrenched insufficiency. Insufficiency to achieve their goals and dreams, to walk down a different road than generations before them and to break out of current living conditions. Education is long-term investment that needs to be prepared for and organized in advance, long before any money has to be disbursed and unfortunately most people, who need education the most, fails to do so adequately. Why is that?

Ngiyabonga, Kabelo

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Another person we had the pleasure of speaking to whilst doing research for our education fund was Kabelo, one of the cutters of Little Green Number – those in charge of carving the billboards to obtain the shapes thereafter used by the seamstresses. We want to share his story with you because his words left a great impression on us all.

The first thing that comes immediately to your attention of Kabelo are his eyes, the most communicative, sincere, profound means of expression one would find in a person. Words are sometimes even unnecessary, if the eyes can already tell so much.