Your Engagement

The opportunities to support the SIMagination Challenge are manifold – it is mainly about choosing a contribution that best suits your priorities and needs.

Financial support: Current projects (presented here) can be funded individually or targeted at the SIMagination Challenge as a whole (the entire project portfolio).

Facilitation: Our students need to travel to their international destinations and be mobile within their target countries. In most cases, they also need physical material and other resources to be able to reach their objectives. If you can provide such facilitating resources to one or more of our project groups, we encourage you to get engaged and help our students create the circumstances they need to work successfully towards the accomplishment of their project goals. In this case, please get in contact with the SIMagination Challenge faculty (

Knowledge support: If you have relevant knowledge and expertise to consult our students on their project work, please contact the SIM Office. Your contribution could be in the field of social initiative planning and execution, project finance, legacy management, intercultural management, only to name a few.


Your support – be it financially, resource, or knowledge based – is a prerequisite for the functioning of the SIMagination Challenge. Students depend on your engagement to fulfill their ambitious social impacts. Thanks to your support, they have the necessary funds, knowledge and further resources to thrive in their project work.

The SIMagination Challenge helps in equipping leaders of the 21st century with the necessary tools and awareness to tackle society’s most pressing problems. We are convinced that we live up to the highest expectations in terms of quality and sustainable impact. To fulfill its mission, the SIMagination idea needs broad-based support in society. By showing your support, you make an invaluable contribution to the long lasting success of our initiative.