Drop of Hope

Started: 2013, completed: 2014. 

“Hope is what we intend to raise. Every drop is a success.”

Founded in 2013 by 7 students, this rural development project is now conducted by the SIM 10 generation.

We strive to help underpriviledged farmer families by promoting and installing sustainable irrigation systems in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Our unique project approach involving a combination of technical implementation of drip irrigation systems, teaching initiatives and the connection of farmers to microfinance credit providers strives to improve the lives of people in a region that is still highly dependent on agriculture and exposed to irregular, seasonal rainfall.

India has plenty of water. However, this water is available in the wrong place or at the wrong time. While 80% of the yearly precipitation occurs during the monsoon season between June and September, 55% of the country’s farmland is still heavily dependent on rainfall. Poor farmers without access to irrigation are not able to grow the winter crop which is only available during the dry season. Many families are thus forced to migrate to bigger urban areas in search for any work that is supposed to earn their bread and butter. Their children may thus not be able to attend school throughout the whole year. All this creates a vicious cycle of poverty and does not allow the affected families to live a calm, sedentary life.

Rajasthan is the ideal spot to put our ideas into practice. It lies in the North-Western area, which is the driest region in India. Drip irrigation is already established in some regions of Rajasthan. This provides a huge potential for us as we will be able to contact local experts and/or suppliers of materials to request expertise and assistance in carrying out our project. Our dedicated team will travel to India between the fall semester 2013 and the spring semester 2014 in order to make an impact on the spot.


“Drop of Hope” is organized in three pillars:

1. Drip irrigation systems

By using this innovative technology made of affordable and easily procurable material, the plants can be watered drop by drop, which allows an efficient use of scarce water resources.

2. Education

We strive for a direct contact with the affected farmers in Rajasthan and intend to make our project continuing by organizing practical seminars on sustainable water harvesting and irrigation systems with people in the region.

3. Microfinance credits

Many rural families in Rajasthan have only limited access to financial resources. We want to facilitate the access to microfinance lenders for them, hereby providing the possibility to acquire an own irrigation system to secure their precious harvest.


We believe in the sustainability and future of our project. We intend to make use of our social and business competences to put our approach into practice. Help us to make a social impact and support us with your contribution!


Contact Information:

info@drop-of-hope.orgFacebook page