The workshops we conducted with pupils were a great success: we reached approximately 200 pupils from three different partner schools, and from the feedback we collected we are positive that they will incorporate the learnings into their everyday lives. In contrast, conducting sessions with local teachers turned out to be very difficult. But even though we eventually did not reach as many teachers as we had planned, we are confident that at least some elements of our workshop will permeate into our partner schools’ curricula. Perhaps most importantly, we extended and deepened the partnership with our local contact, Partners for Possibility (PfP), and established strong links to the partner schools we visited.

All stakeholders were enthusiastic about our work and expressed strong interest in continuing the collaboration with future XHUMA generations. From this bolstered position, XHUMA possesses tremendous potential to create significant and long-lasting impact over many generations to come.

For us personally, the whole project was a truly unique experience that was challenging at times but highly rewarding in the end. By widening our horizons and proving that much can be reached even with relatively little means, the SIMagination Challenge made a lasting impact on our mind-set and perspective: From working in a diverse team setting, to collaborating with geographically and culturally distant partners, to operating in a foreign environment far outside one’s own comfort zone, the past nine months provided us with countless valuable learnings that will support us in our future paths – wherever they may lead us.