PARI Project India

Started: 2010, completed: 2011. 

“What I received from the project is a priceless experience of North Indian culture, deep insights into the workings of an emerging market (in real life, not a textbook), and perhaps an opportunity to pursue this business idea after graduation.” Harald Buchmann, SIM7, Switzerland.

PARI Project India uses chicken manure to grow a type of larvae rich in protein and fat. These larvae are then dissolved into fat and protein, which is used as animal feed or processed into biodiesel. The output is produced at highly competitive cost, since the main ingredient consists of waste from farms that is produced year round. And unlike biodiesel produced from flora, this method does not com-pete with food production. The input so far has been chicken manure from large chicken farms. De-spite potential animal rights concerns, the use of the manure reduces the pollution of these by-products in the environment. Future development of the project should allow all forms of organic waste to be used as inputs. At the moment, the project’s founder in India is testing methods of har-vesting the larvae; our contribution to this project involves making financial calculations, including cash flow considerations, to check the feasibility of various methods and business models. In the near future, there is a need for managerial coaching as well as legal advice, to support the founding of an official legal entity a prerequisite for raising investments!