Saude Criança

Started: 2010, completed: 2011. 

“My SIMagination experience involved being part of a group, trying to help break the vicious cycle that starts with poverty and leads to poor health. The ability to make a difference is what made it exciting! The experience was also complemented by the beautiful scenery of Brazil, the peaceful beaches, and the never-ending nightlife of Rio de Janeiro. We were presented with a perfect opportunity to give and receive.” Daniel Kaluza, SIM7, Poland.

Saude Criança Brazil is a Brazilian non-governmental organization that helps families in need gain access to five key resources: (1) medication and medical advice, (2) housing, (3) legal assistance, (4) education and (5) vocational training. The organization is currently dependent on external donations, and wishes to develop a more sustainable solution. From 2010 to 2011, our SIM team consulted the employees of Saude Criança regarding their online fundraising strategy to target European donors. In addition, we set up an online platform to collect donations to the project. Further collaboration between the SIM program and Saude Criança may involve helping the organization to set up an in-house consultancy branch! Saude Criança is counting on this in order to expand its services to other Brazilian cities (it currently operates in Rio de Janeiro), and internationally in the long run. This kind of assistance will help to provide them with a more sustainable fundraising approach.