Vietnam Coaching Project

Started: 2010, completed: 2011. 

“The SIMagination project was our chance to apply the skills we built up over several years of schooling. Furthermore we learned about project work, intercultural skills, and dealing with uncertainty, a combination any other ‘normal’ course could not have offered us. And best of all, we did something good for the Vietnamese society.” Katja Wohlwend, SIM7, Switzerland.

The Vietnam Student Coaching Project is a partnership initiative with the Saigon Children’s Charity in Ho Chi Minh City, knowledge partner Avenir Consulting, and financial partners Bernmobil and AEG MIS in Switzerland. Our team of five people conducted a multi-step program designed to coach financially disadvantaged university students in Saigon. The average yearly household income of our target students is under US$500. As such, there is a distinct need for students to become gainfully employed in order to support their families. In the current Vietnamese educational system, no interpersonal skill development is provided for the purposes of finding employment and/or developing professional networks. Our team, with the help of Avenir Consulting, developed participants’ coaching acumen and consequently kicked off a “coach the coaches” segment in the Saigon Children’s Charity’s career counseling program. After participating in coaching sessions themselves, the Vietnamese coaches were well equipped to continue coaching the next generation of students.